Laura Tijan Segura

About Laura

‚ÄčLaura Tijan Segura is the owner and head instructor of A.L.L. Dog Training. Being raised on five acres in Herald California, Laura was able to explore her love for animals. She learned much of what she knows about animals and their behaviors from her childhood experiences with multiple animals. Some animals Laura has cared for and raised are cats, dogs, horses, sheep, rabbits, birds, some rodents, fish and some reptiles. 
Education was second nature to her due to being raised by a family of educators. So while attending school, Laura started her major in children’s education, desiring to specialize in Autism Therapy. While working her way through school, Laura spent several years employed by Elk Grove School District as an Instructional Assistant. She gained a lot of knowledge through her college classes and years working as an educator, but felt her calling was to work with animals.
Rob, Laura, Bebe & Bailey
Laura has always strived to have the best relationship possible with each of her pets. Through these many journeys she realized that great relationships with her pets depended upon great communication skills. Laura spent an enormous amount of time researching animal instructors and the multiple methods that they have used. With her knowledge and experiences she created her own business helping others improve their relationships with their pets. By combining her communication skills with training methods, she developed successful strategies to help pet owners with their pet training needs. Recognizing that there is not just one method for training animals, she feels her job is to incorporate these many strategies of training to help each individual animal and owner relationship. 

About Letty

Like many of us, Letty Sirotek grew up with a family dog that taught her about love and the responsibility of animals. She enjoyed the companionship and of course all the snuggles her dog provided. Letty processed to college and graduated with a communications degree. After graduating Letty and Laura met by chance and then soon after, in 2011, Letty began working for Laura at A.L.L. Dog Training. Initially her duties were customer service, emailing and scheduling appointments. Letty being eager to learn, made it an easy decision for Laura to teach her about training dogs. Over the years Letty has seen and worked with various types of dogs; each bearing their own unique behaviors and personalities. Letty has found great joy in helping dog owners strengthen their relationship with their dogs and Laura is very pleased to have found such an exceptional person to have as part of her team!
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