Training Options

The A.L.L. Dog Training Team has 2 training formats to help narrow down which style of training you desire. We can teach you how to train your dog or we can train your dog for you. Each style has multiple options to choose from to best help you reach your dogs' obedience goals. We start everyone's dog training journey with a Free In-Home Consultation to evaluate your dog, better explain our training options and give us all an opportunity to meet.
We Train You
For this style of training we have several program options consisting of In-Home Classes and Group Classes. 

The In-Home Classes are our opportunity to work with you and your dog individually. We will establish all of the basic obedience commands along with correcting any negative behaviors your dog may have. 

The Group Classes are perfect for teaching your dog to listen away from home and around distractions like other animals and people. We offer 3 different types of Group Classes: 
  • Low Impact- which is designed to establish the basic obedience commands around other animals and people
  • High Impact- where we introduce distance training, hand signals and emergency control
  • Off Leash Classes- at this level we work on having your dog listen without a leash and refining all commands.
We Train For You
  •  One option for this style of training is to have your dog board with us so we can work with him/her daily. Board Training allows us to get the basic and intermediate obedience commands established with your dog before sending him/her back home to you. Your dog will be staying in my home with my family during his/her training; providing me the opportunity to work with your dog on appropriate house manners along with the obedience commands. Board Training with us also include a series of In-Home Visits and Group Classes to train you on what your dog has learned.
  • Another option for this style of training is for us to provide service at your kennel of choice (upon the kennels prior approval). Each training session is an hour and we can work on all the basic and intermediate obedience commands.
  • The last option to consider when having us train your dog for you is to have us come to your home. Each training session is an hour and we can work on all the basic and intermediate obedience commands.
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